Hi, I’m Kevin Murphy.

When I started in the insurance business in 2008 I was immediately fascinated by all that life insurance could do, and how there was this incredible lack of awareness about what a strategic financial planning tool it is for the average family.

It became my goal to start telling this story.

Read more below about how I got into this business, or what-the-heck– just go ahead and call me now at 925-588-8373 so that we can start protecting the financial future of those that you love!

About LifeInsurance316.com

At the Reagan Library and Museum in Simi Valley, CA

Life Insurance 3:16 is the Online Version of Me.

I had a story to tell, and since purchasing life insurance on the Internet is so common these days, I wanted to participate.

It’s actually really cool to have this exposure to so many amazing people across this great county who would not otherwise know of my services!

So now I’m providing the average family in small town America with a huge competitive advantage because my pricing comparison tool requires the biggest life insurance companies in the world to compete (on price) for their business.

You know who I’m talking about—those ginormous companies who when you go to their websites will gladly show you their own life insurance quote, but you’ll never get to see their competitor’s prices.

And why don’t these big companies show you their competition’s rates? (like I do here)

Answer: Because They Don’t Have To.

They’re getting tons of business from people who don’t shop around for their best deal in life insurance.

Try the websites at MetLife, Farmer’s, USAA, State Farm and AAA and see for yourself!

I’m Independent.

I’m not a ‘captive agent’, nor am I beholden to any specific life insurance company.

Which is why I will instantly show you the lowest-priced rates from more than 50 highly-rated life insurance companies who compete for your business here.

Being an independent agent makes a huge difference in your life insurance shopping experience, because I can match you with the best product for your situation, from many different companies and plans.

Term life insurance, or permanent life insurance. I will give you my best recommendations, and why, and you can choose the winner based on our discussion.

Incidentally, this is all done over the phone, at your convenience (not mine!).

Each of you is different. And that especially applies when it comes to your own personal health situation. Every company has different underwriting guidelines, and it’s my duty to know (or find out) which company’s guidelines will work best with your health status or medical condition.

It’s Not 1967 Anymore.

The “spouse of my youth” pretending to share my passion for birding in Bolinas, CA.

Back then, the traditional method of buying life insurance was to allow a well-dressed young man or woman into your home, and then to your kitchen table, and endure a 2 hour presentation about all the ways you could die, and how bad that would be since you didn’t have life insurance.

When it was all over, he or she would only have one company’s rates to show you (his!).

So if you wanted to compare products and prices with other life insurance companies, you had to suffer 2 or 3 more of these tortuous evenings with other well-dressed insurance salespeople.

Today, life insurance has become a product that’s well suited to buying online. What helps to differentiate the many products is the agent you choose to work with.

If you have an agent who takes the time to understand your family’s particular circumstances and financial situation, he or she will be meticulous to recommend exactly the right product specific to your needs.

Moral of the story: We don’t need the overly-friendly life insurance salesman at our kitchen tables anymore.

It’s Different Here.

About LifeInsurance316.com

Aboard the ‘Seattle Great Wheel’ with the lovely Mrs. Murphy near Pike’s Place Market.

We’ve incorporated the latest in comparison pricing technology that gives you, as a term life

shopper, a better way to research and compare multiple personalized quotes in one quick session.

So it’s really been simplified to a largely self-serve process. You’re able to compare up to 50 life insurance quotes side by side, and choose the right policy for your family within five or six minutes of finding our website.

Beware of the Lead Harvesters.

The difference between Life Insurance 3:16 and many online life insurance websites is that I am not a lead harvesting company, whose sole purpose is to get your contact information, and then to sell your information as an insurance lead to a very active marketplace of desperate life insurance agents across the country.

I am a small, independent agency. I don’t utilize a call center, and I personally call 100% of the quote requests I receive.

About LifeInsurance316.com

In the Golan Heights, Israel. I’m on the right!

What’s In a Name?

The ‘316’ in my website’s URL refers to John 3:16, probably the best known verse in the Bible. I sell life insurance, but I’d rather tell you about the ‘eternal life assurance’ I now have as a result of trusting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I wanted my ‘higher calling’ in life to appear in the work that I do, and that starts with my website’s name.

How Did I Become an Internet Life Insurance Guy?

In 2008, I watched my once bright future in mortgage banking quickly vanish as daily newspaper headlines shouted Mortgage Crisis!, Real Estate Values Plummet!, Stock Market Hits New Lows!, and More Banks Collapse!

About LifeInsurance316.com

BLI (before life insurance)

At the time I was a wholesale representative in northern California for a NY-based reverse mortgage company.

My company closed its doors during this national mortgage crisis, and virtually all wholesale mortgage sales positions like mine vanished instantly.

With no paycheck in my immediate future, I called a very successful childhood friend who was in the life insurance business.

“Hey Jon, how can I make a living with this life insurance license I got a bazillion years ago?” I asked.

“Come work for me”. Jon graciously offered me an opportunity, and I haven’t looked back.

About lifeinsurance316.com

I Serve Clients Nationwide.

I’m based in the west, but the majority of my life insurance clients are from other parts of the USA who find me online. I serve the life insurance needs of folks like yourself who live all across the fruited plains, and throughout our ‘purple mountain majesties’.

All the best to you!

About LifeInsurance316.com